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First Emotions Pass

A package incorporating three services (also available separately), for a discovery of the city’s iconic features.

Discover the Boves by plunging into the atmosphere of the limestone quarries delved out from the tenth century onwards. Laid out in the underground levels of the town, this guided tourist visit offers an insight into its “subterranean history». Initially a place of chalk extraction and sweated toil, these «boves» (underground galleries) became cellars, store places for the merchants of the town’s squares, and later a shelter for the townspeople during Second World War bombardments... Gaze in wide-eyed amazement as you discover a fascinating history in the shadows of the Boves.

The Town Hall : an Art Deco masterpiece, the Town Hall opens the doors to its prestigious Function Rooms, created just after the First World War. Admire the paintings, sculptures and wrought ironwork executed by the finest craftsmen of their art in the 1930s and which adorn the Guard Room, the Reception Hall, the Wedding Hall and the Council Chamber.

Ascent of the Belfry This gives you access to the first level of the Belfry, 40 metres above the ground, to discover a stunning panorama of the city and surrounding countryside (access by lift + 40 steps).



  • Welcoming breakfast, or beer* and cheese tasting in the Town Hall.

* Drink moderately; too much alcohol is dangerous for your health



  • Boves + (Boves + belfry) : € 5.50 / pers
  • Boves: € 4.40 / pers - Time: 40min
  • Belfry: € 2.60 / pers - Time: 20min
  • First Emotions Pass (Boves, belfry and town hall function rooms) : €8.70
  • Town hall function rooms : € 3.60 - Time : 30 min
  • Evening supplement (after 7.00 pm): € 1 / pers