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Hungry ?

We invite you to the Hôtel de Ville (Town Hall), the 'hôtel de Guînes' or the Thompson room at the Wellington Quarry, for an extra moment of conviviality during your visit with us.

A welcoming breakfast, or a closing collation: croissants, chocolate rolls, tea, coffee, orange juice, to start the day well or end it agreeably.

  • Weekday price: € 4,40 / pers (from 20 people)
  • Price on Sundays and bank holidays: € 5.10 / pers (from 20 people)


Collation pastries

  • Weekday price: €4.60 / pers (from 20 people)
  • price on Sundays and bank holidays : €5.30 / pers (from 20 people)


Beer* and cheese tasting: discover some of the special savours of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais.

  • Price: from € 6.30 / pers (from 20 people)


These moments are presented as a stand- up buffet. They can be programmed at any moment of the day.