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Meet Crafts

Saint-Germain Brewery

The brewery welcomes you with a warm and old-fashioned setting. Taste the beers*: Page 24 is made in five different varieties: pale with aromatic hops, chicory, rhubarb...

a souvenir gift glass will be offered.


  • Time: 1h30➔Price: € 5 / pers 
  • Open Wednesday, thursday and friday from 2pm to 5.30pm and Sunday from 9am to 5.30pm


Visit the 'Bleu d’Arras'

The artist presents his production of porcelain, decorated with brush and feather following the traditional 18th century methods of Arras porcelain.


  • Time: from 20 to 30 min 
  • Price : €6 / pers
  • Group of 20 people max.


The Achicourt Windmill

Destroyed during the 1915 bombardments, this windmill is the result of “identical” post- war reconstruction. It operates with authentic mechanisms and produces milled flour in the old-fashioned way, which can be purchased on the spot.


  • Time : 1h15
  • Price : €6/ pers.
  • + 15€ for fees

* Drink moderately; too much alcohol is dangerous for your health.