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Storm the cheeses of the Citadel!

A listed UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Citadel harbours some gourmet treasures. Push open the door of the Hangar à Ballons and you will be captivated by the aromas wafting from our cheeses, a heritage regional speciality. La Finarde, the Citadel cheesemaker and double medal winner at the Mondial du Fromage international cheese fair in June 2013, offers two different tasting experiences aimed at introducing you to the art of cheese ripening à la française in this historic setting.

Tasting experience 1: cheeses from the lowlands
Sample three regional cheeses selected and nurtured in thecellars of the Citadel. You will learn about the historyof these cheeses and the secrets of their productionand ripening before tasting them at different stages ofripening. All this will be accompanied by a selection ofregional beers*, the better to share this convivial moment.

Tasting experience 2: board of Citadel cheeses
From over 150 cheeses made on a permanent basis at theCitadel, La Finarde makes a selection for you of eightexceptional cheeses and three accompanying wines*; thechoice may be adapted to the group, choosing a theme,a region, a season etc.. The cheesemaker and ripeningexpert will guide and provide commentary on your tasting.He will answer all your questions on the cheeses, theirhistory, the producers and the ripening process.


Tasting experience 1:
20-39 people: € 8 / pers.

Tasting experience 2:
20-29 people: € 11,50 / pers.

* The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health. Consume with moderation.