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Artois, an international front

Soldiers from all over the world were massed on a 30-kilometer front. Your circuit will take you to discoverthe key sites of the Great War in Artois and you will be introduced to the many nationalities that came to fight onthe hills of Artois.

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The Neuve-Chapelle Memorial honours the memory of 4,847Indian soldiers who fell in France. Neighbouring it is theunique Portuguese War Cemetery, the resting place of 1,831soldiers who were part of the expeditionary force of the youngPortuguese Republic.

The National Necropolis of Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, the centre of French commemoration, is the biggest necropolis inFrance. It comprises the cemetery, containing the graves of42,000 soldiers who laid down their lives for France, the Basilicaand the Lantern Tower housing 8 ossuaries, its beacon visible from several kilometres in any direction.

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The Wellington Tunnels constitutes an endeavour unparalleled inthe entire history of the British Army. The British Sappers and New-Zealand Tunnellers created a real network of underground barracksspacious enough to accommodate 24,000 soldiers.

The German War Cemetery of Maison-Blanche is the biggestGerman World War I cemetery in France.

The Canadian Memorial Park, a parcel of Canadian land onArtois territory. Rising up over the plain, the imposing monumentpays tribute to the 66,000 Canadian soldiers who lost their lives inFrance and bears the names of the 11,285 men who have no knownresting place.

To end the day, we offer a collation in Bethune.

This circuit is offered by the Tourist Offices of Arras and Béthune-Bruayand the Tourist and Heritage Office of Lens-Lievin.


20 - 29 people: € 55.50 / pers.

30 - 39 people: € 50 / pers.

40 people and more: € 47.50 / pers.

Supplement on Sundays and bank holidays: € 6 / pers.

Prices Including*:• Guided tours • Lunch • Drinks •Free lunch for driver (for groups of 20or more paying visitors) • Free placefor group leader (for groups of 40 ormore paying visitors)* Transportation and insurance andevening meal are not included.