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Artois, a land of conflict and memory -

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From € 43,50 / pers.

Your day:

Welcoming breakfast

Morning: (time: 3h) Arras at the heart of the torment of the First World War

  • Wellington Tunnels, a unique location steeped in history and charged with emotion
  • Arras, a martyr and phenix town
    Discover the epic identical reconstruction of a city that has been rising again from its ashes

 in a restaurant of the town

Afternoon, a choice of:
 (time: 3h)

On the Tracks of the Battle of Arras

After your tour down the Wellington quarry, deep inside the soldiers’life, and the showing of the film about the Battle of Arras, go to discover the battlefields of this great diversion offensive led by the British troops.

Launched on 9th April 1915 at 5.30 a.m., the Battle of Arras took place along 20 km of frontline on both sides of the city. The Canadian memorial of Vimy, the Caribou in Monchy- le-Preux, the memorial of the Battle of Arras, but also the German cemetery in Saint-Laurent-Blangy, are some of the emblematic sites of what has been, more than the only allied victory of the year 1917, the most murderous British battle of the First World War.


The Artois battlefields

The First World War has deeply scarred the countryside and men. In Artois, many cemeteries and memorials remind of these battles and render homage to the soldiers who fought them. You will discover two major sites where bloody battles took place.

The Canadian National Commemorative Park at Vimy still has many scars: trenches, mine craters... The memorial, charged with emotion, overlooks the plain of Gohelle and Lens.

The French National Cemetery of 40,000 soldiers, together with the Lantern Tower and the Basilica, are to be found on the site of Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, called the bleeding hillside.


  • 20 – 29 people : Visit fixed price € 24.50 / pers + Fixed price lunch: € 24 / pers
  • 30 – 39 people : Visit fixed price € 22.50 / pers + Fixed price lunch: € 24 / pers
  • 40 people and more : Visit fixed price € 19.50 / pers + Fixed price lunch: € 24 / pers
  • Supplement on Sundays and bank holidays: € 6 / pers
  • Supplement for the brewery: € 3,50 / pers +  € 1.50/ pers guide supplement


Prices Including:

  • Welcoming breakfast at the city hall
  • Guided tours
  • Lunch
  • Drinks
  • Entrance fees to the museum
  • Free place for groups of 20 paying visitors
  • Free place for groups of 40 paying visitors


Discover Vimy and Notre-Dame-de-Lorette:


  • in half-a-day: € 230
  • in 2 hours: € 165


Sundays and bank holidays:

  • in half-a-day: € 285
  • in 2 hours: € 215


Transportation and insurance are not included.