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Guided tours bore you. Museums, not really your thing. The words 'heritage' and 'architecture' leave you cold. What if you were to take a trip to Arras? The legendary "art of living" of Arras could not fail to reconcile you to culture.

To break yourself in gently, start with a stroll in the Grand'Place and the Place des Héros. How could you fail to be impressed by the beauty of the 155 Baroque facades? Call in at the shop "Au Bleu d'Arras" to discover porcelain painting, a time-honoured craft handed down since the eighteenth century, for which the town is renowned.

From there, it is just a few steps to the Town Hall. Located on the ground floor of the building, the Tourist Office is the ideal spot to explore Arras from top to bottom, literally. You can climb the bell tower to take in a magnificent view over Arras and the surrounding countryside. Then carry on with a visit of the Boves, plunging into the atmosphere of the limestone quarries, the very heart of the subterranean history of Arras.

After this hectic morning, you have earned a break. Take a seat on one of the terraces that line the squares or in one of the cellar restaurants. You can now perfect your knowledge of the local cuisine by sampling the famous Arras andouillette sausage.  

Further your exploration of Arras by visiting the Carrière Wellington. 20 metres below ground level, walk down the tunnels of an exceptional site that has been shaped by human hands. The visit takes you into the heart of an impressive network  of limestone quarries excavated in the modern period. Explore the tunnels of this unusual site and discover the work carried out by the New Zealand Tunnellers during the First World War to create a 19-kilometre network. The site preserves the memory of the thousands of soldiers billeted underground before emerging to attack the German positions on 9th April 1917 at 05:30 hours.

Arras town centre offers a wide choice of hotels and guest rooms where you can rest while enjoying high-quality attention. Just a few kilometres outside Arras, the Artois countryside also offers many charming establishments perfect for relaxation.  

Our aim for this overview of Arras and its surroundings is to show that you can combine pleasure with discovery. Not completely convinced? Then why not come and check for yourself!  

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