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You are volunteered to look after your nephews for the weekend. In league with your own little darlings, the small band is having a glorious time driving you up the wall.  You have to find a solution - and fast - before the house ends up in complete disarray. Don't panic. Keep calm. Pack everyone up in the car and head for Arras!

Right at the entrance of the town, the Scarpe Valley offers all the amenities and activities you need to distract the happy band. Start with a visit to ‘Cité Nature’. Established on the site of a former miner's lamp factory, this cultural and scientific interpretation centre is ideal for children. Food, health, nature and environment... they have a choice of interactive workshops where their every question will be answered. Curiosity, it turns out, can be a wonderful character flaw!

After this first foray, take time out to have lunch in one of the restaurants in the Scarpe Valley area. Fast-food or pub-style, you will find something to please the most picky of eaters.

In the afternoon, it's time for sport! Make the most of the brand new ‘Aquarena’ centre and its multiple pools. Toboggan slides, diving and laps of the pool, water fountain sessions... Everyone can let off steam in their own way, you included! Since children always have energy to spare you can then take them to Bowling World, just a stone's throw away from the ‘Aquarena’ centre. The complex also offers laser and video games, in a vivacious and bustling atmosphere.

There is every reason to believe that after such a busy day, your little charges will drift off to sleep in no time... The many Arras hotels offer a range of services for families. 

The next morning, why not suggest your little crew tackles a treetop circuit at ‘Cit'Loisirs’? Straddling, jumping, climbing... they'll outdo one another and have fun at the same time following one of the circuits laid out in the Citadel woods.

Make the most of your visit to the Citadel to explore this amazing military construction, built in the seventeenth century to the plans of the architect Vauban. Surrounding the Place d’Armes, a series of barracks, the arsenal and a Baroque-style chapel complete the complex. Vauban's fortifications, of which the Arras Citadel and eleven other sites form part, have been listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site since 7th July 2008.

At the end of the weekend, your house is still standing and the children are delighted. Without a doubt, your stay in Arras has been a success in every way!

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