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Any visit to Arras would be incomplete without seeing its rural cradle, where the rich agricultural land, wild water courses and navigable waterways have shaped an enchanting countryside. Windmills, farms with square courtyards, beautiful houses, châteaux, original churches, picturesque hamlets and neat villages merit a long walk.

Villages of white stone

Laid out around a church and drenched in greenery, a particular feature of the Artois region’s villages is their white stone dwellings huddled together, many thought to have an enclosed courtyard. Rivière is a fine example: centred on the Church of Saint-Vaast (1767), with the Grosville manor house and its farms of white stone. See also Habarcq, Hauteville, Avesnes-le-Comte, Pas-en-Artois, Ecoivres, etc.

Floral towns and gardens

The Artois region boasts many “floral towns and villages”. Discover Arras, holder of the coveted 4 Fleurs label, and also Aubigny- en-Artois, Brebières, Feuchy, Saint-Laurent- Blangy, Saint-Nicolas-lez-Arras. 

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