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Town Hall Pass

An all-inclusive price made up of two different things (which can be ordered separately also), to help you to discover the must of the town.

The Boves

Discover the Boves by immersing yourself in the atmosphere of the limestone quarries which were dug from the 10th century on. The guided tour of the Boves, set down the underground passages of the town, allows you to discover the “underground” history of Arras. At first quarrying place of tough work, these Boves then became cellars and warehouses for the traders on the squares, or even shelters for the population of Arras during the bombings of the Second World War... Open your eyes wide to discover this fascinating history in the darkness of the Boves.

To the top of the Belfry: access to the first level of the Belfry, at 40m height, to discover a panoramic view of the town and surrounding countryside (a lift and then 40 steps).


  • Welcoming breakfast, or beer* and cheese tasting in the Town Hall.

* Drink moderately; too much alcohol is dangerous for your health


  • All-inclusive price: € 5.40 / pers
  • Boves: € 4.30 / pers - Time: 40min
  • Belfry: € 2.50 / pers - Time: 20min
  • Evening supplement (after 7.00 pm): € 1 / pers